Long Range Shooting World Record Broken… What Was The Coriolis Correction?

Long Range Shooting World Record Broken…  What Was The Coriolis Correction?

#Coriolis surely must have been a factor in this 24 second 7744 yard rifle shot that broke the #worldrecord. Right? Of course just because it exists in books and manuals doesn’t mean anyone ever factors it in. I bet because if you did you’d miss by more. So just forget it.
If the Earth were spinning 700 mph at that location that would mean that the ground moves 11.6 miles per minute or 61,600 feet per minute or 1026 feet per second. So a 24 second hangtime while the earth rotates at 24,000 feet as the bullet flies? Hahaha and just magical gravity sauce carries along with? Globers are hilarious fools who trust and worship men but can no longer use their heads at all.

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