Hotel Hell (The Sequel) – Aint for NO LUCK!

Hotel Hell (The Sequel) – Aint for NO LUCK!

So the working capital loan I was hoping for is "no dice" as of today. I’ve been assured, under no uncertain terms that I MIGHT be able to keep applying for the loan (daily, hourly or even minutely) until PayPal’s system catches up with OCTOBER, so we’ll hold our breath until that point, whenever it happens to arrive. Until then, we have until noon EST to either come up with a hundred bucks for the deposit (after staying 3 nights without any deposit — makes PERFECT SENSE does it not?). Anyways, in the next 26 mnutes we’re praying for a miracle, or else packing our stuff with nowhere to go, but my brand-new, ’99 Honda’Cord to get there. Free concert in Simpsonville tonight, maybe I"ll "live" there for a few hours.
Please help if you can, without taking food off your table, of course…
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