History Of The Ottawa And Chippewa Indians Of Michigan By Blackbird, The Last US Interpreter (Pt 1)

History Of The Ottawa And Chippewa Indians Of Michigan By Blackbird, The Last US Interpreter (Pt 1)

The reference to smallpox, yes, we know most viruses aren’t isolated for and the current situation we’re in is a hoax. I’ve covered this and apsects like the mark of the beast, the UN Vaccine plans, GAVI, Gates, also their plans for the future, etc, but most of those have been removed by yt. Having said that, the bit that Mr. Blackbird discusses is quite interesting. The small moldy bits in a Matryoshka or Babushka doll like box.

Testimony of Mack-Aw-De-Penessy (Blackbird) (L’Oiseau Noir)
The History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan. Part 1.
Featuring such topics as:
– What the Ottawa Chiefs and Natives say is the true "Origin Story" of Bigfoot. It’s quite an interesting yarn.
– The British use of smallpox as a bioweapon.
– The Jesuits,
– The murder of Blackbird’s’ older brother.
He was training to become a Priest at Rome. The biggest day thus far of his life, the very morning he was to graduate, he didn’t show up! Upon inspection of his quarters they found he had been poisoned. (“By leaden bullet, poison, or the strangulating chord”, from the Extreme oath of the Jesuits).
The most popular theory holds that they didn’t want to let him be raised to such an elevated and educated level, on par with all of mankind’s most elite latest philosophers and pressing subjects of the day. They couldn’t let a "savage wild-man of the woods" attain the same standards of intellectual prowess and political savvy, nor utilize their tools of the seven classical liberal arts, like rhetoric. Imagine the headlines at the time. They couldn’t allow it.
Who knows what kind of witty repertoire he might have developed… or even if he might then (after graduating as a priest) have had much more clout and respect given in light of his title and training… or how much more he may have been able to assist his fellow Ottawa, Chippewa, Algonquin, Iroquois or any other band of Native Indians in their disputes with the U.S. and Canadian (read British) Imperial Governments.

This is just the part one, we haven’t reached the origin story of Bigfoot yet, it’s an interesting story. I don’t want to post the electronic copy of the book quite yet lest it spoil the surprise. Stay tuned for more.
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