Happiness NOW – Interviews – Adam Szecowka

Happiness NOW – Interviews – Adam Szecowka

Adam is a Transformation Specialist Coach, Energetic and Intuitive Healer, a specialist in Autism/ASD.
With over 40 years of personal experience as well as being a father to the two most loving and gifted sons, both on the Autistic Spectrum. Over 10 years of extensive research work. Investing tens of thousands of hours. Significant finance to learn from the best leaders, guides, mentors, and scientists.It is my deepest desire, purpose, and passion to provide my wealth of knowledge, personal and professional experience. So that no adult or child should have to go through any of the most challenging of circumstances that my family has had to endure and overcome. 
Alchemy Spectrum aims to transform the challenges you face. Restoring the love, peace, and relationships with yourself and all those around you. Opening new positive opportunities to live your best life.
By combining bespoke coaching with alternative therapies and the latest new science research discoveries to help you find long term support and peace of mind.Dr. Thurman Fleet once said: 
“There’s a problem we are treating the body all the time, we’re treating the symptoms, we’re not going to the cause of the problems. You got to get to the cause, the cause starts in the mind."Once we start identifying the root causes of the problem solutions are found with long term results.

Website: https://alchemyspectrum.com/#bob
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