Gravity & LiGo Debunked and Exposed as FRAUDULENT PSEUDO-SCIENCE

Gravity & LiGo Debunked and Exposed as FRAUDULENT PSEUDO-SCIENCE

In this video we will discuss the fallacy of Gravity from its origins to the present day. No evidence for gravitation waves exists to the very day, however LIENTISTS would have us believe that they (conveniently and obediently) confirmed Einstein’s theories of space-time and gravity as an obvious response to the FLAT EARTH movement. Enjoy a detailed dissection of LiGo’s LIES and a variety of problems with the theory of gravity. NASA continues to tout LiGo’d evidence of gravitational waves as factual, even though mainstream scientists (with actual souls inside their bodies) have pointed out myriad problems with their interpretation of data, and their failure to separate background noise from their "golden ticket" evidence for gravity. Gravity remains a THEORY to this day, and in fact DOES NOT EXIST. Enjoy this Classic TheMorgile video.
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