– Guest Sean Griffin explains why you should be involved!

0 – Guest Sean Griffin explains why you should be involved!

Do you search online for products and services in your area? GoodLand is a custom search engine and small business app that provides you instant results like never before. and use the referral code "POTP" to sign up!

Traditional search engines are pay-to-win platforms that favor businesses with the largest marketing budget, not the one who offers you the best price, location, or quality of work. Other small business apps that offer local deals makes usury of small business by taking up to 50% or more of their profits for connecting you with them. It’s for this reason that despite the advances of technology, communities are becoming less connected in favor of corporations who dominate the online marketplace over locals.

GoodLand is a first generation, subscription based, non pay-to-win search engine that offers a creative and unique way to connect with local businesses and customers.

Our unique search engine and deals feed actively promotes business to local customers looking for deals without facilitating the sale in any way. Users of GoodLand get to see everything from freelancers to established small business to choose from, all with exclusive discounts!

Our Job Board offers an un-moderated hiring process for locals, and soon we’ll offer exclusive online services for crowdfunding, bartering, and much more.

Start your free trial of GoodLand now and start building a supply chain that can’t go away!