“Gold, Guns & A Getaway Plan” Needed, Celente Warns “WWIII Has Begun”

“Gold, Guns & A Getaway Plan” Needed, Celente Warns “WWIII Has Begun”

-“We are headed for an economic calamity the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetime. They are getting our minds off it with the war in Ukraine…

You know, I wrote in the magazine in the beginning of the year, we said that the Covid war would wind down by late March and mid-April. It’s winding down…

So, now, as we said in the magazine, we went from the Covid war to the Ukraine war, and now to world war. We are headed to World War III…

There is not a peep about a cease-fire. Biden is only bragging about more weapons being sent in. Biden says we are going to defeat the Russians. We are not backing down. No one is talking about a cease-fire, and no one is talking about peace. If we don’t unite for peace, we are all going to die in war.”

In closing, Celente is warning about some sort of event or false flag giving the banking powers a reason to shut down the banks and separating you from your money.

Learn More: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/you-need-guns-gold-getaway-plan-celente-warns-wwiii-has-begun

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