Globers claim the wildest things about our Flat Earth.

Globers claim the wildest things about our Flat Earth.

Glob cult members love pointing to the motion of lights in the sky to prove the shape of the floor we stand on. They ignore the science that prove the luminaries can possibly be the sizes or distances or even the objects they claim them to be. The constantly make up nonsense to justify their religious beliefs when the simple answer of the earth being flat and stationary can answer everything.

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That is the pre programmed response they want you to have. We all had it but then reluctantly we decided to prove it.
Do you want the red pill or the blue pill? The choice is yours.
If you want to know the truth about our flat world, go to and scroll down to the "Crash Course". Watch just the first 3 videos and then you will know how big the lie about the globe is. OR just laugh and dismiss like you have been programmed to and you can remain a slave trapped in their globe lie.

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