FlatoberFest 2022 & Free Puppies

FlatoberFest 2022 & Free Puppies

Hello everyone. A quick status update to let everyone know about our living situation, try to come up with Gas money to meet up with y’all at FlatOberFest here in Greenville, SC starting tomorrow (Saturday 10/22/2022) as well as advertise free puppy dogs and potentially Rottweiler puppies that are on the way any day.
I’m really want to make FlatoberFest tomorrow, but the car is on empty — so for anybody that would like to contribute to the PayPal Cash app etc, I should be able to make it to the show. I know it seems ridiculous, but I simply cannot drive to any venue without gas in the car.
More content coming soon on the channel — I just need to set up my computer and I don’t have any furniture — a little sleep wouldn’t hurt either. Anyway at this point I’m rambling the links are below in case you want to help.
For inquiries regarding the puppies, call me at 864-315-7892 — it’s actually better to text me because I don’t always answer unrecognized phone numbers, PLUS I don’t have any talk minutes on my phone at the time of recording this video, but I can indeed get texts. You can also email me at themorgile@gmail.com …
Thanks in advance for your support and prayers. God bless you guys and see you soon