Flat Earth: The Celestial Dome, Parallax, Moon Rotations, Ect… Destroys Heliocentrism

Flat Earth: The Celestial Dome, Parallax, Moon Rotations, Ect… Destroys Heliocentrism

This is another great video compiled by YouTuber ‘Don’t Sphere The Truth’ which makes it abundantly clear that the ‘Celestial Sphere’ is an IMAGINARY sphere that is rendered to our eye by the same physics that give us our perspective view of which we have coined the Personal Atmospheric Dome. (PAD)
By mainstream Astronomy’s own admission that the Celestial Sphere is imaginary and NOT a reality, the Personal Atmospheric Dome becomes the only viable explanation of why we see the sky the way we do as well as why EQ mount telescopes work on a flat plane. BOOM! Game over!
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