Flat Earth Physics 101 ~ Super-Stationary

Flat Earth Physics 101 ~ Super-Stationary

In this video we dive-in to the preposterous claims of supersonic axial rotation and ludicrous-speed orbital motion, in spite of the fact that the world is a perfectly fixed frame of reference. These two facts are obvious and undisputed, and yet they are mutually exclusive. You simply cannot have a spinning sphere traveling along multiple curvilinear paths behave as a fixed frame of reference, according to observers (somehow) fixed to the surface of said sphere.
As the world is shown to be at rest, this places the entire globe earth theory into the realm of fantasy. Since "SCIENCE" has been fashioned into an assault weapon against the Most High God (Creator of all things visible and invisible), specifically targeting our faith and our inherent connection with our creator; we must revisit the intelligence of the ancient goat herders of the fertile crescent. Since the bible was actually correct about the world being fixed and immovable, the ancient’s credibility is restored, while the credibility of theoretical physicists suffers a painful and embarrassing flop.
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I pray that all of you out there have ears to hear and eyes to see, for we are approaching the season of tribulation, which will test our faith and the foundations upon which we rest our paradigm. Do not build your faith upon shaky, sandy foundations (like scientism and shallow dogma), but upon the love of the master and our father above. May you walk in truth and dawn the armor of God, standing fast against the father of lies and this world which He will soon relinquish to the rightful elect, beneath the double-edged sword of Yeheshua (JUSTICE), as the truth will simultaneously destroy evil wicked spiritual forces in high places, and bolster the sons and daughters of God who have been beneath the iron fist of the fallen ones for quite long enough.