Flat Earth Awakening ~ Fake Space Documentary 2019

Flat Earth Awakening ~ Fake Space Documentary 2019

In this video we discuss several facts and observations that may help people come to terms with the truth about the world and, by extension the extended universe. The psychological and social ramifications of the ball Earth hypothesis don’t end with the mere shape of the world. The collective cultural paradigm of the modern “global” society is founded upon the absurd theory that the world is a relative speck of dust housed within an infinite sea of “other” worlds, solar systems and galaxies, flying through space at unimaginable speeds.
In reality, infinite space is a figment of the collective imagination, perpetuated by the institutions of theoretical science (an oxymoron), science fiction, the federal educational system and cultural taboos. Only by humoring hypothesis can progress be made, in any scientific endeavor. By refusing to consider hypothesis, for whatever reason, we become the opposite of objective and will never have a chance to understand reality properly.
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