Flat Earth Awakening ~ Fake Space Documentary 2019 (SECTION 2)

Flat Earth Awakening ~ Fake Space Documentary 2019 (SECTION 2)

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This is the second installment of the documentary series, “FLAT EARTH AWAKENING”, focusing on the proofs which helped me to come to terms with the truth about FLAT EARTH and FAKE SPACE.
The topics discussed in this video are:
~ The counter: rotation of stars in either hemisphere, (AKA SemiPlane)
~ Circumnavigation of the far south.
~ Recent claims by globe-Earth Proponents stating the moon is technically within the Earth’s Atmosphere (AKA Atmosplane)
Since this is the second section of a series, if you haven’t watched the first installment, it might not hurt to go ahead and check that out:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIGQ2k5vuRY )
There are a couple of articles reviewed in this video, so here are the links to those:
*Zetetic Astronomy AudioBook Playlist*:

*CFR Article on Oil Scarcity* – https://www.cfr.org/timeline/oil-dependence-and-us-foreign-policy