Facing the Streets

Facing the Streets

Hi All – Today is the day — I endured being harassed yesterday for payment from the hotel staff, demanding payment on the room here, or face being thrown out with no where to go. I’m scared for my family as we don’t have anywhere to go. In the last six months staying here and paying almost $400 a week, we’ve depleted our savings and overextended our credit, trying to hang on to this hotel room while also coming up with the funds to move into a permanent living situation. It’s just been impossible. So the long and short, if we don’t come up with $385 today, they will put us out by force, if necessary. I have about $150 to my name, so I’m about $240 short. I don’t know what to do my friends.
If anyone out there is in a position to help us out during this very difficult time, please consider contributing via the links below. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and prayers. God bless!
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