“Early Grave” ~ /Mister Blister/ AKA /TheMorgile/ ~ (FT ANABOLIC BEATS) ***CONTAINS…. Words****

“Early Grave” ~ /Mister Blister/ AKA /TheMorgile/ ~ (FT ANABOLIC BEATS)  ***CONTAINS…. Words****

Hundred Bands on a HoneyBun
Corn Starch for the dots to cum
Honey Drops on Dank Blunts
BloodClots Roll fat BackWoods
BackRoads Push Fat Drops, Hood
Covid Mask Bandito, Noo Hoody, Toe
Rolled Up Borrito, Supremo
Outside Peanut Butter, Inside Sour Cream
Dropped a couple bands onn’er, Never heard that ho scream
Outside I Scream, Inside Bowls Role
Don’t burn my leather bro…
" "…
Turn a Dyke out Real Slow, With No Drink, No Dro
Twist’ Dreds Weigh it Right, Packed tight on Triple Beam, w/ HangNails
Dirt Snitches, Airmail, Hit Switches, Swap Bitches, Then Wet Mop the dry snitches, Gator Slop them Tator Tots, them Bobble Heads, that’s Dirty South, that;s CornBread that’s Cornhead,
Deep Throat, that’s Jamison, NOT "James, Son",
Front U ONe Best Pay it Back, Get Guns Pulled, No Shit, bull,
Go Rob Walmart with a pullCart,
" "
Duck Left? Catch a Bow, w/ a Guiness Stout…
Wycleff, Who’s left? Wycleff, Who’s left?
Fuck Ducks 7 x in a row, clone.
Swept legs like Johnny, Wax on Miagi,
Rock Comped Versacci, Lean Hard on Saki
Block’s hot on Gucci, Lean Cut on Triple Beams,
No Cut Just Straight Fire, Frog Eye’s on High Beams,
That’s High Noon, That’s Pain Medds, I Been Dead, No Shit,
Had Egg Dreds, Dred Feds, Fed Up?
Gang Signs, Throw ’em Up, In The Trap House, In Steel Traps, or Pussy TRaps,
Hang Signs Say "Dope Spot", or "SkittleBags", or "Bakers Dozen"
Get it Straight, Don’t twist it Cousin, Cut my shit that’s Death Sentence,
Cut my shit that’s Muerte’…
That’s Early Grave, that[s BONE Cracker,
?Baby Bone? — That’s my TRUE BROTHER,
Fuck w/ Us that’s Front page, Bounty paid, Dead or alive, checkin mirrors when you drive,
Oh, it’s too loud? Your too old… You’re grown’ mold, that’s a dank dungeon,
that’s chicken coop! No Pigeon wing, No phone call, no bond out!
Go spank diamonds! Go punch Bricks! ByPass Brynx! Fruit Punch Bitch!
Eat Lunch Quick, snort coffee nugs, smoke fat nugs, eat dank nugs We plug plugs, don’t sell drugs, just hire thugs, hip fire blood
Better dip out, with pistols out, drippin’ clout, on clouds, on cloud 9, ’bout time
on tie, every time,
plenty of dimes, plety of 7’s fuck 11’s
fuck a dime, give a damn, stole that fuck,
Thgat’s corn hole, in the county jhail, go bod out then switch coasts
See blue lights? Then change clothes, (blend in like EZE)
Be a tree, smoke a black, feign a fuckin’ heart attack, reign up, Jack…
snow in summer, sled down, slip & slide, down hill both ways, on a rainy day,
sing in the rain, sling in the rain, flippin the reign, dodgin’ the drops, droppin’ ‘cid, droppin’ beans, trollin’ fiends, trollin’ trollz, dirt ho’s, dirty footz wash white walls,
dirty foot suck blue balls, truck true dogz, like muck raker, like james bond, moon raker,
golden eye, with all the hacks like gene hackman…
10/8/2022 (Homeless, 4 eelz)
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