Dr. Zack Strikes Back – Reds Rhetoric & Flat Earth Math ✅

Dr. Zack Strikes Back – Reds Rhetoric & Flat Earth Math ✅

Listen to Reds and FEM, don’t complicate math… you got a simple triangle. The distance between the trolls on earth, that’s the base of the triangle and the angle of Elevation of whatever in the SKY. that is more than enough to give you the distance. Why would you measure the pixels of the moon? Where did you study Math?
I spent a lot of time on making this video, This will NEVER happen again. I am done with all of you trolls.
Dr. Zack Strikes Back – Reds Rhetoric & Flat Earth Math
”We can make the Math work on anything, if we believe that ”particular” anything is reality.”
Dr. Zack

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Please research Flat Earth:
1. Horizon always rises to eye level
2. Water always finds its level
3. Gyroscope’s always remaining level throughout worldwide
aeroplane flight travel
4. Polaris never moves from its position despite earths
travel through space
5. No measurable curvature
6. Terminator line on the moon during daytime often
does not coincide with suns directional light
7. Gravity is simply buoyancy & density
8. No photographic evidence of satellites
9 . Questionable flight paths in the southern hemisphere
10. The Antarctic treaty forbids freedom of movement in the Antarctic
11. Van Allen radiation belt makes space travel impossible
12. Water bubbles on ISS film footage
13. The Fake moon landing
14. The Sun & globe earth model contradictions

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