Did NASA Kill Thomas Ronald Baron? Interview with Gary Corsair on RAW

Did NASA Kill Thomas Ronald Baron?  Interview with Gary Corsair on RAW

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Thomas Ronald Baron died April 27, 1967 when his vehicle was struck by a train. In actuality, his vehicle hit the side of the train. I interview an authority on the situation Gary Corsair http://garycorsair.com Gary has interviewed witnesses, spoken to Baron’s landlord and even the daughter who survived the accident. We learn so much in this interview and it is up to you to decide if you think NASA had anything to do with Baron’s death. He was a quality control and safety inspector for North American Aviation when it was the primary contractor to build the Apollo command module. For the entire show head over to http://tfrlive.com/jeranismraw and you can listen free for the next week. ALL live shows are FREE every Monday from 6pm – 9pm PT ONLY on tfrlive.com

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