Convex Earth | The Documentary 2018 by Dakila Research & CTZ – Zigurats Technology Center.

Convex Earth | The Documentary 2018 by Dakila Research & CTZ – Zigurats Technology Center.

Jeran Campanella has no affiliation with the researchers or directors of this video other than an appreciation for their hard work and being brave enough to question the incorrect belief that the earth is a sphere. Nice job guys!

Terra convexa é uma pesquisa independente de Dákila Pesquisas e Centro Tecnológico Zigurats publicado originalmente em e

Earth is convex Dákila independent research Research and technology centre Zigurats originally published at and

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Shared with permission from the Convex Earth Team

I am very happy to see this documentary because I agree with their opinion that the earth is certainly not a sphere. Anyone doing experiments and not blocked by their own egos and not succumbing to cognitive dissonance will eventually realize that the sphere earth in infinite space is nothing but a mathematical theory and does not belong near the word science.

Documentaries like this and the experiments they performed will cause many more to come along. As more people begin testing this earth, there is no doubt that the many experiments that will be done will prove that the earth is indeed a stationary plane. This result will owe a great deal of thanks to the many brave men and women who take the daily abuse and name calling, not for personal fame or fortune but simply because they care and love not only the truth, but also those fellow humans we have attempted to inform that they have been lied to. We all have been lied to.

I look forward to real scientists coming forward and revealing what their experiments prove. And to the rest of the fan boys out there… it is clear why you continue to shame and put down those looking into the shape of the earth.

“He who hates questions, hates truth.”

Keep hating clowns.