Hi, I call it a special edition of the previous version, especially for the new viewers since Google and You Tube are censoring my video so heavily and they constantly alter the view count and thumbs-up: This time I’m going to record it as a proof of how they change the view count from more to less constantly.

Hi! This video is mostly a response to Bob, the Bullshit Guy’s stupid video about my previous video where I pointed out that the chartered American plane from Wuhan, China to March Air Reserve Base in LA made a refueling stop in Alaska. Bob, the BS Guy made a video about me to which globers immediately started responding by sending me hateful and derogatory comments and spamming my original video and channel.

Please note that Bob called me names first and I’m not going to let him walk all over me. So, in a sense, he asked for it. No mercy for fanatical globers! You see, you have to stand your ground when it comes to their global insanity. It’s 2020! Desperate times require desperate measures! You cannot negotiate with psychopaths. You just tell them what you think about them and keep them away from your territory like zombies, because they are! They are so aggressive, so fanatical, so sarcastic, so mean, so vicious and so evil in their comments that is truly disturbing.

So, if you are a glober and you have something constructive to say, I’ll approve your message and even respond to it. Otherwise don’t even try. I will not let you sabotage my videos! And I don’t care what you have to say about that! You can say whatever you want and I say f*ck you back to you! Get it finally to your stupid and empty heads! I’m sick and tired of your stupidity! You are unable to think straight with an open mind! You should really have your heads examined because definitely there is something wrong with them! After all this time and after all this information available on the internet you still live in a delusion and you think that you live on a spinning 1,000mph and hurtling through imaginary space 67,000mph BALL! My God! What are you on, people??? You are officially retarded! End of story and end of conversation! I do not negotiate with psychopaths!


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Now, starting from 2020 I’m open to donations and if there are people who want to support my work please contact me and let me know. That would be truly awesome! Thank you! I’ve also created Patreon page but I’m still learning how to navigate it so please be patient with me.

In addition, please note that all comments are set for a review before posting.

Thank you for your time, understanding and support. Spammers and vicious, fanatical globers are not welcome here and will be immediately deleted and blocked, so don’t even bother. I don’t care what you have to say, you are retarded to me. Everything is a lie, our history, religions, etc., and NASA is the biggest liar of them all along with the entire banking system. We come to this world and are introduced to this "System" from birth. But who made it? Who created us and why? Flat Earth is only the tip of an iceberg. Extra-terrestrials come from beyond Antarctica where other civilizations exist. I highly recommend you watch the movie Prometheus (eye-opener), watch videos on Resets of 1800′ and listen to Terra Papers. And btw, commercial planes do chemtrails too now since they want to kill us faster. After you watch Prometheus you’ll understand. Everything is a lie:…

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