ARE YOU AN ISRAELITE? Who They Were And Where They Are Today (For iPad/Tablet/Phone)

ARE YOU AN ISRAELITE? Who They Were And Where They Are Today (For iPad/Tablet/Phone)

Just a redo of the tablet copy, perhaps a slightly better version.
Chapter 1 00:00 – 39:44 God’s Promises To Israel
Chapter 2 39:44 – 1:07:36 Siege Of Jerusalem And The Migrations
I think this one is important. For today and for the future. Most importantly, this information excludes none. If anyone accepts Christ, believes on Him and does His commandments they will be grafted into Israel.

In today’s film we take a tour of the ancient Holy lands, as we follow the Familial House of Israel (The Kingdom of Israel) down through time, from Abraham to Jeru-Salem, to captivity, to the wilderness, down to modern day Jer-USA-lem. Use the pause button… there’s a lot of extra info in there. 🙂
For more action you can skip to Part 2, (39:48), which picks up at The Siege Of Jerusalem and Israel’s deportation, then go back and watch about the early days in Part 1 (00:01)
Filled with proof and info and set to relevant paintings, still, the info may be difficult for some, it may be hard for some to even listen to and see the evidence, as fears and emotions and wants can overtake rational minds. We’ve entertained and explored the ideas of the Hebrew Israelite’s and now, we’ll explore this area, of who the Christian nations are historically. I recommend that anyone would watch this more than once as we often miss a little bit the first time. I was going to take down the comments as they can be a real distraction from the actual content and point, but some see this as a sign of deception, so it will stay open to all comments.

Over 100 prophecies, countless references in the Holy Bible and other ancient texts, and many historical references show who the Israelite nations, (the Christian nations) are. But this knowledge has been swept under the rug, forgotten by many… now it’s being actively suppressed and ruthlessly attacked with an obvious agenda.
Why would this doctrine be so hidden?
Who would gain from such deception?

Some points to consider:
– The ‘Lost’ Ten Tribes (the lost tribes who were never lost) are clearly described by Josephus. Anyone can look this up. It’s in The Antiquity Of The Jews, book 11 chapter 5. He clearly talks about the ten tribes.
– The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia says Edom is in modern Jewry. So does Josephus, in Antiquity Of The Jews, Book 13.
– David’s Lineage & The Stone Of Scone: The British Coronation Throne is King David’s Throne. All English monarchs (who’ve all been descendants of King David) have taken their vows on it, and it has always been claimed to be Jacob’s Pillow, (the stone that Jacob slept on as he dreamt of the ladder to Heaven) which arrived in Britain with Princess Tea Tephi, a daughter of an Israelite.
– Something else that makes a little more sense now is the amount of ancient Parthian and Sogdian texts.
– The Black Hebrew Israelite ‘Movement’’s Abba Bivens: Abba Bivens (the originator of the B.H.I. doctrines) admitted he was trained in Jerusalem by rabbi’s.
– The amount that the B.H.I’s take out of context or even outright fabricate in scripture to try to make their case. Unfortunately, even though it’s entirely founded on 1 scripture (an entire doctrine!) for many who aren’t grounded in the Bible, or basics of history, it can sound pretty impressive.

You’ll notice people throwing all kinds of accusations, like “this is replacement theology” Or any one of a thousand other things (some think this is pro-zionist content, that’s how confused people are about this stuff) no, this isn’t replacement theology, we all know who the fake J3W$ are.

Most importantly, so I’ll say it twice, this excludes none. If anyone accepts Christ and does his commandments they will be grafted into Israel. Also, as he said at the start, don’t get confused between the Familial House Of Israel (The original Kingdom of Israel) and God’s Kingdom of Israel. The Familial House is the the Northern Ten Tribes, the Kingdom of Israel that ruled at the time in Palestine. God’s Kingdom of Israel is anyone who believes on Jesus Christ and does His commandments, that is God’s Kingdom Of Israel. They are two different things. Next movie we will cover Deuteronomy 28 in full and explain how it doesn’t ‘certainly, only mean black people.” as so many claim. Then, we’ll do Obadiah, and show how crazy backwards we’d have to take scripture, maps, the ancient timeline, people… I mean it’s really quite funny. Then, soon, we will get to Adam and the Assyrian. And Cain and Abel. Lots more good stuff to come. Soon, also, a piece on ancient America that is very informative, entertaining and true.
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God bless you.