Angular Resolution, Perspective and Refraction with LifeIs Short – LIVE

Angular Resolution, Perspective and Refraction with LifeIs Short – LIVE

Joining me today is Travis from the channel “LifeIs Short” found here: He will be giving a presentation on Angular Resolution, Perspective and Refraction. I hope you enjoy the presentation and below you will find all the links to the videos and topics discussed:
1. A Concept for Vision

2. Angular Resolution and Our World Series:

3. Dr. John D – Brighton Bay observation

4. Stephen Hawking/Discovery Channel Geniuses – Episode 6

5. Red Pill Philosophy – Long Distance Videography, Black Point

6. RP-1000 – Uncut Footage, 25mi long distance footage

7. Ranty Flat Earth – Timelapse and Height Change
8. The Plane Truth – Oil Rig dropping

9. Soundly – Curved Pontchartrain

10. Wolfie6020 – Wing Tip Rise, Horizons, Lensing

11. Walter Bislin’s Flat Earth Model
12. Wide Awake – Boats and Inferior mirage…
13. Jose JG Gonzales – Kemah Lighthouse

14. Gary is right – CN Tower

15. Dazzathecameraman – Blackpool Tower

16. Joshua Nowicki

17. Baldy Catz

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