An esoteric review of the video game “Prey” (X-BOX, PS4, PC)


An esoteric review of the video game “Prey” (X-BOX, PS4, PC)
by Mr. Drobot
Hailing from the virtual reality geniuses over at Bethesda & Arkane Studios, the “Prey” reboot features some of the smoothest and creepiest interactions to date when it comes to blurring the pixels between art and immersion into a realistic alternate surrounding. For gamers passionate about the Fall Out, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Doom, Deus Ex, Metroid, or Dishonored series… this one is a must play for a cutting edge view into the predictive programming that questions Transhumanism, The Mandela Effect, “The Matrix,” and whether we’re all just specimens in a marvelous yet disturbing experiment. READ MORE…

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