A Flat Earth Presentation by Taboo Conspiracy ✅ Our Flat Earth Journey

A Flat Earth Presentation by Taboo Conspiracy ✅ Our Flat Earth Journey

Re-upload from Taboo Conspiracy ii.
Taboo Conspiracy ii will soon be speaking at the Romania Flat Earth Conference; October 5-6, 2019; Cluj-Napoca.
Our Flat Earth Journey

(Video Presentation short summary):
Lack of physically measurable curvature,curve calculations all over the world,nature of water always seeks and maintains its own level,periscopes being able to see too far,reflections of the moon or sun on water are never curved,mass attracting mass,Gravity is still theory,lack of detectable spin, flight on a spinning ball,no flights over Antarctica,lack of north to south circumnavigation,lack of the ability to track planes over southern hemisphere oceans,Antarctic Treaty,Operation High Jump,Operation Fish Bowl,Astronauts faking a spherical Earth,space shuttle uses a rocket,Neil Armstrong’s Speech,Astronauts contradictions,faking the moon mission,Van Allen Belts,Astronauts interviews,NASA conveniently lost thousands of reels, no 24 hour views of the entire spinning ball,Challenger Astronauts being found alive, not going back to the moon,space programs never being fulfilled,rocket launch footage, and many many more !!!

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