A Flat Earth Message to Honest Moon Landing Skeptics

A Flat Earth Message to Honest Moon Landing Skeptics

A brilliant expose’ of the fake Moon landings and their implications as a propaganda piece to support the ball Earth lie, by fellow truther and YouTuber Taboo Conspiracy.
Ben’s (Taboo Conspiracy) main YouTube account has been stifled for the time being for telling too much truth about subjects that YouTube and their co-conspirators would rather keep quiet. Please subscribe to the Taboo Conspiracy ii channel to keep up to date with Ben’s outstanding work.

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What are the implications of the fake moon landings?

First, NASA has perpetrated a tremendous fraud on the world and cannot be trusted; all NASA missions should be presumed fraudulent unless proven otherwise with overwhelming evidence;

Second, there will not be a Mars landing anytime soon and it’s right to assume that there’s no rover on Mars or even satellite probes being sent throughout the Solar System with obvious fake CGI images of space and the “planets”;

Third, all first and second world countries failed to reveal the big Apollo lies and are controlled in some manner; all other lunar landings by China, Japan, Russia, etc. are also likely fraudulent;

Fourth, there was no big space race between the Americans and the Russians – it was fake; there was no benign reason to allegedly beat the Russians to the moon by faking the Apollo missions – the Russians were in on the deception as evidenced by Luna 16;

Fifth, the media cannot be trusted as the media incessantly praises and repeats the patent lies of NASA, continually reinforces the fraudulent moon landings, and derogatorily labels anyone who rightfully thinks otherwise a “conspiracy theorist”;

Sixth, universities, professors, astrophysicists, engineers, major churches, police organizations, the F.B.I., the courts, Wikileaks, politicians, etc. all failed to uncover the OBVIOUSLY faked moon landings; they’re controlled directly or indirectly through conformity; humanity cannot put their trust in these pseudo-scientists and mainstream institutions;

Seventh, SpaceX (and every other mainstream source) has failed to reveal the fake moon landings SpaceX speaks of a future Mars mission; Space X is also likely fraudulent;

Eighth, there were no pictures of the earth taken from space during the Apollo missions including the famous 1972 Apollo “The Blue Marble” photograph; Ninth, governments and their lying lackeys and shills can get away with BIG f***ing lies;
Finally, every thinking independent person should now question all government and academic claims of “space,” the nature of the universe, the Solar System, satellites, the Hubble Telescope, the Space Shuttle, the ISS, and even the fundamental shape of the earth; skepticism is the only reasonable position, not conformity.