127 – Space doesn’t suck as much as we thought.

127 – Space doesn’t suck as much as we thought.

We are back for another quick episode after life delays many record dates. We discuss all the topics linked below and plow through a speed round of many SpeakPipes.



Flat Earth Conference Denver www.FE2018/com Discount code: FEPODCAST

Mark Sargent;s memorial video https://youtu.be/OI–2Tcfqs0

Exposing the fraud behind PBS Genius episode 6 https://youtu.be/fZ_NH1goSLI

24 hour sun crane video https://youtu.be/0gsdHCcguqg

Morgile Fake Space August 2018 https://youtu.be/iDWocq9Boq0

Flat Earth Advanced – Geology Revived Documentary https://youtu.be/CQXj5ZSohsQ

The Great Manmade River by Muammar Gaddafi https://youtu.be/Tuazqa_r3Z8

Where our real water comes from. Ignore the globe. http://primarywater.org

Song: Earth Not A Globe | Moana – How Far I’ll Go Song, by Amber Plaster https://youtu.be/bJ5HJiDp-lc