125 – RedHenn – Stay Asleep My Friends

125 – RedHenn – Stay Asleep My Friends

Matt Long from Flatworth.com fills in for Curious J this week where we catch up on the last month of what is happening on out flat earth.

RedHan Stay asleep my friend https://youtu.be/k7DEO4XCz08
Hibler Productions 2018 Documentary https://youtu.be/WogsSOrr0l8
4 Sun fade out videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32GcNxU_Zuk&list=PLEzivhxtxgbs-VlztQ7VskQCqABgf7zJo
The Morgile, A Brief History of Flat Earth 2018 https://youtu.be/_kl2_5CZUAE
South pole flight website https://www.polar-quest.com/about-polarquest/terms-conditions
Conference link www.FE2018.com Discount code FEPODCAST
The Great Man Made River https://youtu.be/Tuazqa_r3Z8
Flat earth in music RussianVids https://youtu.be/izYf3a4-cwU
Martin on OTV morning show https://youtu.be/e-uBTTtNhUw
Gravity Globebusters https://youtu.be/wbkqFKdlpQg
Justin Scott Kelly https://youtu.be/mDsUJuWAJzs
Music “Last of the Real” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RxupA6eCT8&feature=youtu.be