1 Million Without Power, ‘911 System Offline’, Catastrophic Transmission Damage From Hurricane Ida

1 Million Without Power, ‘911 System Offline’, Catastrophic Transmission Damage From Hurricane Ida

UPDATES- -All of New Orleans is currently without power
Hurricane Ida made landfall at 12:55 p.m. near Point Fourchon, Louisiana with winds tied for the most intense hurricane on record to strike Louisiana, at 150 mph.
As of 7pm ET, Ida was a strong Category 3 storm with maximum sustained winds up to 125 MPH.
Max sustained winds of 150 mph, tied with two other hurricanes for record landfall.
Over half a million residents without power
Surge could result in 12-16 feet of inundation; so far the surge has reached at least 4 to 7 feet in southeast Louisiana and coastal Mississippi, engulfing roads, homes, businesses and marinas. New Orleans’ flood protection system, bolstered by a $14.5 billion investment post-Katrina, will be tested by Ida’s surge and torrential rain.
The storm could unload up to two feet of rain in parts of southeast Louisiana, causing severe flash flooding.
Downed trees and widespread power outages could last weeks
The core of the storm’s hurricane-force winds could pass through Houma and Baton Rouge and very close to New Orleans, producing structural damage, downed trees and widespread power outages, which could last weeks.

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